About Us

Who we are

EcoCare Ghana is a rights-based campaign and advocacy organization duly registered and licensed to operate as a local non-governmental organization. We focus on policy and practises around community rights and forests, and how it relates to development, climate change, wildlife conservation, agriculture and other land-use options. We seek to positively impact the livelihoods of resource communities for them to meaningfully contribute and equitably benefit and develop from resource use.

We want to see transformed and well-to-do communities protecting resources and contributingto national development. We are driven by the zeal and enthusiasm to ensure that NRE policies address the need of local people. EcoCare Ghana seeks to build strategic partnerships with like-minded local and international organizations that share our principles and values. We operate as a flat organization with open-door policy that promote gender-mainstreaming and equal opportunities for all; irrespective of race, religion or sex.

To ensure that forest and natural resource policies respects rights of local communities, promotes development and safeguards the resources for posterity.

We seek an inclusive society, making people-centred decisions that reflect the development aspirations and the sustainance of the resource.

Our Values & Guiding Principles

All positions are based on research

We keep to our values rather than prosecute the agenda of funders

We respect different cultures, race, religion, views and opinions.

We network and engage with different actors from local to global.

Who we are

We promote innovation, creativity and new ways of doing things.

We provide equal opportunity and space for all

We believe in the youth and that they should be supported to identify and define their purpose.

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