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EcoCare Ghana on Thursday 17th October launched the Atumpan projet (communicating FLEGT) at the Forestry Commission Auditorium. The purpose of the project is to effectively communicate Ghana’s FLEGT-VPA processes, … READ MORE

EcoCare Ghana team together with Henrietta from Rainforest Alliance/UTZ visited the MoCCPA project districts and communities to access how the MoCCPA project is going and what community members are doing to support the CFI and lastly  READ MORE

The Framework builds on the Statement of Intent launched at a High-Level Meeting in London hosted by HRH The Prince of Wales in March 2017. It defines core commitments, verifiable actions, and time bound targets required for a deforestation-free and forest positive cocoa supply chain in Ghana … READ MORE

Monitoring cocoa and forest initiative commitments through participatory approach (MoCCPA) project was launched by EcoCare Ghana to monitor the commitments made by government and some chocolate and cocoa companies in the world. The initiative seeks to end deforestation  and promote forest protection READ MORE

A second level district stakeholders meeting has been organized by EcoCare Ghana for stakeholders in JUABOSO and ATWIMA NPONUA districts. The meeting was organized to bring together all relevant stakeholders at the district level to discuss the MoCCPA project and the cocoa and forest initiative (CFI) … READ MORE

As Ghana gets closer to issuing FLEGT licenses, it has been established that there is the need for strong and clear precursory information to the trade destinations, particularly the European Union, to be aware of the products that will be delivered and the national overarching system behind the issuance of FLEGT licenses.      READ MORE

As part of the MoCCPA project implementation process, community engagement is a vital. Selected communities undergoing the MoCCPA project get the opportunity to learn, interact and ask questions concerning the project and CFI as well.    READ MORE

On the 21st of February 2019, EcoCare Ghana launched its Monitoring of the Cocoa and forest initiative Commitments through Participatory Approaches (MoCCPA) project at Erata Hotel in Accra.   READ MORE

A group of civil society organizations marched in Accra to protest and present a petition to parliament against the mining of bauxite in the Atewa Forest reserve. The civil society organizations together with some celebrities and members of the general public, took to the streets of Accra    READ MORE

EcoCare Ghana has organized a training program for a cross section of media persons in Accra. The training program was held at Erata Hotel on Thursday 18th July 2019. The training program was organized to inform and build the capacity of Media persons to take active part in …   READ MORE

One major stakeholder that can contribute immensely to monitoring activities at the landscape level are the members of the community. As part of forest and community governance, it is the community members themselves who serve as the grass-root stakeholders who benefit or suffer from policies, commitments, national and international action plans etc.   READ MORE

Cocoa is the backbone of Ghana’s economy for a very long time. Cocoa contributes significantly to Ghana’s gross domestic product (GDP) and also a source of livelihood for cocoa farmers. Cocoa is also a driving force of deforestation.  READ MORE

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