How We Work

Knowledge Generation (Research and Studies):

Knowledge generation through action research and studies are at the core of our work. We believe productive advocacy is hinged on evidence and ironclad information which is generated through research and studies.

Productive Advocacy:

We believes that ordinary citizens can change the course of history if we are committed to our purpose. Productive advocacy which is people-centred and based on evidence and action research are at the core of what we do. We provide the tools and create the opportunity for communities and citizens to stand-up for their rights around natural resources and environment.

Capacity Development:

Empowering stakeholders through capacity development and awareness creation is vital to the work that we do at EcoCare Ghana. Providing information and showing how to use that information is critical to community empowerment and development. We believe that it's better to develop the capacity of local communities and stakeholders so that they can stand-up for themselves than always being their walking stick.

Networking and Constructive Citizen Mobilization:

At EcoCare Ghana, we believe in working with like-minded citizens and stakeholders who share in our vision and values. We also believe that to make long lasting impact it's better to network and undertake constructive citizen mobilization. It is our firm conviction that strategic collaboration and partnership is key to influencing natural resource and environment policies.