Baseline Study for MoCCPA

Baseline Study for MoCCPA

Monitoring cocoa and forest initiative commitments through participatory approach (MoCCPA) project was launched by EcoCare Ghana to monitor the commitments made by government and some chocolate and cocoa companies in the world. The initiative seeks to end deforestation and promote forest protection and restoration in the cocoa supply chain.

In order to achieve this task, Ecocare Ghana selected some areas in Ghana where the MoCCPA project will be implemented. These areas have been marked as HOT SPOT INTERVENTION areas by the REDD+ report. A visit was made to two (2) of the HIA for baseline study for the MoCCPA project. The areas which were selected after a scoping study and visited for the baseline data collection are Juaboso, and Atwima.

The EcoCare team visited stakeholders in the selected HIA’s to formally introduce the project to them and seek their knowledge about the initiative as well as happenings in the sector within their localities. The stakeholders visited include;

  • The governmental agencies (FC, MOFA and COCOBOARD)
  • The non- governmental agencies (Rainforest Alliance)
  • The licensed buying companies (Nyonkopa, Kuapa cocoa , Olam, Amanjaro, etc.)
  • The cocoa producing communities (7 communities each fringing krokosua hills and Tano Offin forest reserves)

At each office visited, key representatives were engaged. The project was introduced to them and their knowledge on CFI was sort and collected as baseline information. Much information was gathered through the interactions with the representatives.

The communities selected for the MoCCPA project are communities which have cocoa farms located in forest reserves, have cocoa farms very close to forest reserves or have the entire community located in the forest reserve and having cocoa farms in the reserve. The field trip brought to light a number of cocoa farms located in forest reserves and others very close to reserves.

In all fourteen (14) communities were visited within Juaboso and Atwima Mponua. In each community, the chief and elders of the town were visited and the project is introduced and explained to them. This was followed with a series of questions and answers to better explain  and understand the need for the MoCCPA project and what can be achieved from its implementation. 

The trip to the selected communities was a very successful one that shared more light on the main reason for the MoCCPA project and why it’s important to implement this project and the CFI.

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